Reframe life’s setbacks

Sorry, we’ve got to change your appointment My quarterly appointment with the dental hygienist was at 11:40 AM today. The practice is about 30 minutes away so I was due […]

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Let babies cry themselves to sleep?

“Letting babies cry themselves to sleep is good says latest research” It must be true – it’s scientifically proven: let babies cry themselves to sleep. That is, according to the Daily […]

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Low Self-Confidence is an accident…

We don’t decide to have low self-confidence We usually develop the Low Self-Confidence habit when we’re very young. It usually begins as a result of how people treat us and communicate with […]

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Conversation Hijackers

Spot the conversation hijack! It’s become a morning sporting event; spot the hijack! One of our local radio stations has a presenter who is a master of the conversation hijack. […]

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Be careful with WHY? questions

Treat ‘Why?’ as an attack question! We pay a lot of attention to words in NLP. We think about: What’s the thinking behind the words and comments How they impact people The […]

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